Backup Search Console data to XLS

Search analytics export for all domains in Search Console.

As most of you probably know, Search Console (former Webmaster Tools) panel has some strict limitations: you are only allowed to...

Onsite audit

Onsite audit – beta version starts now!

We are doing our best to provide you with a versatile SEO tool, so… here it comes! Onsite analysis is available...

Majestic OpenApps now available in Search Auditor!

  • November 14, 2016
  • Video

See, how easily you can incorporate Majestic params into your analysis process. You do not need to have platinum subscription to...

XLS export settings in Search Auditor 1.33

Preparing XLS report is now easier than ever. You can automatically add link quality score explanation for each link and make...

Keyword difficulty estimation - params comparison.

What’s new in Search Auditor 1.30?

Clusteric Search Auditor 1.30 is available! What’s changed? Keyword difficulty estimation mode Now you can add your own URL for parameters...

Keyword research / difficulty estimation.

Keyword difficulty estimation with Search Auditor!

We are happy to present you the beta version of a new analysis mode: Keyword difficulty estimation. This mode should help...

SEO parameters explained

Life after Page Rank and which parameters can replace it?

Illustration by optimizationtheory.com Do you remember mid ’90s Internet? Probably not all of you do. Internet with no social platforms or...

Organic search visits estimation.

Domain’s organic search visibility estimation now in Search Auditor!

Search Auditor 1.26 is available now! Introducing new param: DOMAIN_VISIBILITY. Alpha version of our new metric: organic (monthly) visits estimation to...

Search console data - filtering

Domain groups, autotagging and more in Search Auditor 1.23

CLUSTERIC Search Auditor 1.23 is available now with new features such as: Additional Search Console data filters: impressions, clicks, CTR, position....

Domain level reports

Domain-level reports available in Search Auditor 1.21

16 domain-level reports are now available in Search Auditor 1.21!