ONSITE AUDIT to improve rankings

Technical SEO AUDIT to improve rankings, site speed, visibility and fix crawling errors.

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Hard to find & fix broken links?

Easy Analyse metadata & redirects.

How to find duplicate content?

Why other websites gain more traffic?


Onsite Audit is one of most important elements to rank higher.



Make Your website better and faster than competition. Optimize structure and content.
Win rankings and long tail visibility in search engines, easy.


Search Auditor crawls the given website (following the internal links), gathers its parameters and suggests potential issues.
Allows you to easy analyze a site from an onsite SEO perspective and export results to xls file.

In one click You can:
– explore all internal pages
– find links, redirect, meta informations
– get insights about competitor strategy (what titles and keywords they use)
– audit important page elements

Analysed parameters:

  • onsite factors

Typical applications:

Detecting potential onsite problems, understanding link structure and content, finding places requiring optimization.