Downloading large data packages from Google Search Console is no longer a problem. With Clusteric, you can export up to 1 million/billion rows from GSC, compiling them as you like.

This option is also useful for creating archives of data on keywords, views, positions or clicks level for a large number of websites.

Clusteric, thanks to the connection through the API, is able to export all data at once, for all domains you have available in Google Search Console.

Data can also be exported according to filters, on several levels.

How to export an unlimited number of rows from Google Search Console?

1. Open the “Search Console Importer” mode in Clusteric.
2. Authorize Google Search Console (by pasting the temporary code)
3. Select the site for exporting GSC data
4. Specify what data you want to download
5. Determine what time range the data should cover
6. If you want to download only a part, set row limits.

With a large amount of data, when you want to examine only a specific subpage or keyword, you can refine your query with a set of filters.

In practice, this gives unlimited data export volumes.

Changelog: 1.78.5,2019-07-16
Possibility to download up to 1M records in the Search Console connector.
CSV export added in the SC connector.

Export 1 million rows of data from Google Search Console