Great domains for next projects

Analyse expiried domains and choose best to build new projects or satelite services.

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How to dominate Google with new project?

What domain and link profile is accurate?

Should I change domain with bad history?

How can I get more traffic?


Estimating value of expired domain names for any project!



Fast option to check hundred thousands of domain according to primary criteria


Checking large amounts of domains is tough. We know this, and simplify the process of settings that help save time and resources. Want to quickly find a suitable domain for your project? A domain that has a history, good links and visibility in social media? You’ve come to the right place!

In Search Auditor user can define main selection criteria up front (ex. FB likes > 100). Next domain parameters are checked only as long as domain meets main criteria (to speedup the analysis and save resources). Analysis proceeds DNS respond, availability check, indexation, socials, spamAPI, etc.

Deep analyse taking care for additional parameters, for smaller lists of expiried domains. Extended informations about domains through more resources and parametres.


Deeper analysis takes into consideration all LIGHT parameters plus: link’s context, page subject, keywords and tens of other onsite/off-site factors.

Analysed parameters:

  • LIGHT:
  • DNS config
  • spam API
  • black-hat lists
  • Google indexation
  • (homepage)
  • social shares (homepage)
  • Page Rank
  • hosting
  • geolocation
  • WHOIS data
  • HEAVY:
  • +Ahrefs params
  • +Google cache

Typical applications:

Selecting potentially valuable domain names (good age, popularity, link profile) – to setup a site, blog or link network.

Additional requirements:

Using proxies is advised. To download data, please add free API key in configuration. To download Ahrefs data and Majestic params, please add OpenApps access in configuration.