Advanced PDF reports for backlink analysis modes.

When analysing incoming links, SEO reports are very helpful for understanding their quantity and quality.

Automated creation of SEO reports, showing both the basic data on the number of links and their parameters, keywords and the profile evaluation of these links are now available in Clusteric.

A typical SEO report consists of

Table of contents

1. Audit/domain overview
2. Link profile overview
2.1. Links’ health
2.2. Link status
3. How the website is linked
3.1. SITE-WIDE links
3.2. Rel attribute
3.3. Anchors distribution
4. Where the links come from
4.1. Location
4.2. Linking websites
5. Authority
5.1. Indexation
5.2. Social metrics
5.3. Link strength metrics
5.4. Traffic ranks
5.5. Risk factors
6. Audit summary
6.1. General advice

Creating a report, after analysing links first, is completely automated.

In the agency version, it is additionally possible to export reports to open files (.doc) for further processing.

Reports in the agency version do not have Clusteric branding and are also a great opportunity to acquire new clients. With a small amount of time invested in creating reports on the initial situation of the audited website and the professional appearance of these reports, conversations are easier.

How to create an automated SEO report for backlink evaluation?

1. Download the backlinks you want to analyse. If you have other backlink sources, add them as well.

2. Identify the keywords being researched (up to 1000 keywords).

3. Specify how large the sample of links is to be tested.
Side-wide links have similar parameters, you should not always test them all, especially for large amounts of data.

4. Collect data using Clusteric (the amount of data depends on the chosen mode).
5. Clusteric will suggest an automatic rating and divide the links into several categories.
5. Audit the links according to your own criteria. Extract trusted domains and investigate spam profiles. Assign keywords and analyse content based on link profiles.
6. After the audit, generate a PDF report.

Automatically generated PDF reports on the surveyed link profile occupy about 35 A4 pages. They include descriptions of SEO issues, analysis of the current situation as well as charts and tag clouds.

You can download a sample SEO report from backlink analysis here:

Examples of report elements.

This report was created entirely automatically, based on data from the backlink database collected by Clusteric robots and the default data sampling.

If you need additional data in the report or you have an idea how to interpret them differently, please contact us.