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In August 2018, Clusteric Auditor’s developers focused on improving the performance of link audit modes (link detox / disavow). We added redirection detection, filtering and hiding of anchor types, and optimized memory usage for large audits.

In the technical SEO audit (on-site audit) mode, new reports and suggestions have been created.

The changes in Clusteric Auditor are:

  • Removing R15 formula from disavow – heavy mode
  • Search field in the anchors’ classification window
  • Ability to enforce user’s formulas in built-in modes (new option in configuration)
  • “-” excluded from anchor statistics
  • XLS export fix – double URL column for exports above 65k rows
  • Improved table style in the filter window
  • Table optimizations with site-wide domains
  • Changed filter type of ALGO_RATING / USER_RATING (checkbox instead of dropdown)
  • Fix for default file name (limit for length)
  • Data deduplication in the project
  • Memory optimization – the ability to audit lists of over 200,000 records
  • More onsite audit reports: images, indexability, external links
  • More suggestions on onsite audit mode: images – alts, redirect chain detection, duplicate titles
  • Usability fixes of the program windows
  • Filters – “empty” value added
  • Collecting contact data – new mode: processing the specified URL list 1: 1
  • Filters – REL – patch
  • Anchors class: saving to / importing from file, “bulk” operations, hiding anchors with assigned class
  • Support for more HTTP statuses
  • Table model optimizations (displaying long texts)