Search console data - filtering [supsystic-social-sharing id=’1′] CLUSTERIC Search Auditor 1.23 is available now with new features such as:

Additional Search Console data filters: impressions, clicks, CTR, position.

(Check the screen above). Easily extract and export keywords/pages with visibility growth potential.

Domain groups

Define your own domain groups (PBNs, web portals, blogs or anything you need) and auto-tag these domains in your projects.

1. Define your groups in ‘Rating formulas’ window:


2. Auto-tag links belonging to these groups:


3. Voila! Links have been tagged. You can filter them to get exactly what you want (e.g. “prevent” your own blogs from being disavowed…).


Other changes:

[PL version] – column explanation in polish under column name.
Updated program databases.
Reports window can be maximized now.
Bug fixes.
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