What’s new?

  • [ALPHA version – early tests] CLUSTERIC backlinks API + new analysis mode (“Competitor analysis – light”).
    We started building our own backlinks index to provide you with an easy access to competitors’ links. The scale of this project is HUGE, so we decided to do it step by step: at the moment concentrating mostly on polish websites and slowly extending our service to other countries. We hope to achieve good coverage of the Internet within the next 6-12 months.
  • [BETA version] CLUSTERIC visibility API.
    We begun monitoring search engine results to give you an insight into links visibility and estimated organic visits (divided into keywords and topics). In the first version, we monitor the most popular keywords in Poland and UK. More coming soon!
  • Generating reports from currently visible links (for instance, you can compare current and expected (after-disavow) link profiles).
  • A lot of usability improvements.

Please watch this short video to see the new features in action! 🙂