After gathering all the neccessary data (and possible changes made by user), Clusteric Link Auditor allows you to easily generate disavow report file.
To do so, choose “DISAVOW FILE” button from top-right menu.

Clicking the „DISAVOW FILE” button will bring up a window in which the link list has been split into four groups by quality rating (OK/AVG/BAD/DEAD). USER_RATING (if entered) is superior to ALGO_RATING. Hovering the mouse pointer over a link brings up information on spam/quality formulas met by the link and on any occurrence of the link’s domain on the safe domain list.

By clicking “Reload lists including only links explicitely marked by user”, you can change the scope to show only links explicitely rated by user (USER_RATING).

The user can generate a disavow text file, which further facilitates the following options:
– Saving only bad (BAD) links or bad and suspicious (BAD+AVG)
– Combining many links in the same domain under a combined „domain:” entry (user can also prevent merging links into “domain:” record if at least one link within domain is OK).
– Combining links in SITE-WIDE domains under a combined „domain:” entry



After saving data (“SAVE PROJECT” button in top-right menu), saved project can be found on “Saved projects” tab in main window. Double-click will open it.

You can also export data currently visible in main table in XLS format (“EXPORT XLS” in top-right menu):


After gathering all the data, user is provided with a variety of charts/reports (“Reports” tab in main window), for example:

Overall links health:

Link IP geolocation:

Domains social popularity:

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