Reveal competitors’ SEO strategy.

Mode designed to quickly determine competitors’ key backlinks, keywords & strategy used to build strong visibility in Google.

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How to rank smart in Google?

What keywords our competitor’s use?

What SEO tactics are working?

How to outrank competitors?


With Search Auditor its easy to recognize competitors’ SEO/CM strategy and duplicate it!



Recognise SEO strategy (Black or White Hat)

Find and evaluate competitors links. Define best channels, influencers, PBN blogs, and other factors visible in Google with link pointig to analysed domain. Reveal best traffic sources and type of strategy that works (or not) for analysed domain.

Reveal keywords and topics used by competitors

Keyword/topic analyse is a key to understund why traffic comes to competitor website. What content marketing tactics they use. How problems and solutions are defined. Quick win, specialy when analysing TOP10 for certain keywords.


Analysed parameters:

  • onsite factors
  • site-wide links
  • Google search engine visibility
  • spam API
  • black-hat lists
  • Google indexation
  • (homepage)
  • social media/shares (domain level)
  • hosting
  • geolocation
  • WHOIS data

Typical applications:

Quick insight into competitor’s backlinks strategy and determining their key links sources, content marketing tactics and organic visibility.

Additional requirements:

To download data, please add free API key in configuration.


More informations: