Modern search engine marketing requires a lot of knowledge and patience. Dealing with huge loads of data, a variety of parameters and portions of information coming from multiple sources can be difficult and time consuming. There must be a solution!

Here comes our new tool:

CLUSTERIC Search Auditor

CLUSTERIC Search Auditor takes over 100 factors into consideration, has 53 built-in rating formulas, 11 built-in rating modes to take your analysis to the next level.
See how it can enchance your everyday work:

Link profile audit / disavow modes

Is your visibility affected by toxic links? Received a manual penalty? Already dealing with Google Penguin? Experienced negative SEO? Search Auditor will help you to perform valuable link audit and identify possible risks!
Link’s rating is based on overall link location quality, linking-linked page correlation, Google quidelines for webmasters. Analysis takes into consideration link’s context, page subject, keywords and tens of other onsite/off-site factors.

[ALPHA] Competitor’s links analysis

Search Auditor can provide you with a deep report of competitors’ link profile. Identify key links, link sources, important keywords. Reveal their strategy!

[BETA] Domains’ visibility in Google search engine

Quick insight into domain’s visibility in Google. Immediate preview of domain’s visibility in Google (keywords, rankings, organic traffic estimation).

[BETA] Visibility comparison

Quick comparison of two domains’ visibility in Google.

Expired domains

Estimating value of expired domains. User can define some selection criteria. Domain parameters are checked only as long as domain meets them (to speedup the analysis). After the selection, analysis proceeds into availability check.

Link prospecting

Finding the best link building and buzz marketing opportunities. Searching for the best marketing locations using built-in harvester. Further selection is possible by off-site factors. Thanks to onsite parameters evaluation, user may filter results by the number of external links or page engine, etc.

Link lists

Quick links’ list review. Selecting the best link building locations.

Custom analysis modes

User-defined analysis modes. User may choose a subset of parameters and a set of rating formulas to create his own analysis mode.

Clusteric Search Auditor is capable of evaluating over 100 parameters.

See the detailed list.

29 onsite params

25 external metrics

28 social params

6 Google params and
4 visibility metrics

8 location/WHOIS params

8 rating metrics

Take your analysis to the next level.

Fair plans

Got 100 000 SITE-WIDE links from 20 domains? Why spend hours analysing all of them when all you need is a small sample? Analyse 10 sample links from each domain and spend only 200 links of your plan instead of 100 000!

DEEP analysis

Search Auditor is capable of gathering/evaluating over 100 different parameters! What else do you need?

11 rating modes

11 built-in rating modes for all purposes (disavow/backlink audit/link prospecting/expired domains, etc.).

53 rating formulas

34 red (spam) and 19 green (quality) built-in rating formulas for precise distinction between valuable and toxic links.

Clusteric params cache

CLUSTERIC provides you with domain parameters cache, which means you can gather loads of domain params even without using proxies! In an instant.

Clusteric API

Receive unique data such as: domain profile strenght/risk, hosting owner, other domains on the same Analytics account. Check if domains appeared on BLACK-HAT lists!

Clusteric spam API

CLUSTERIC API is using artificial intelligence engine for returning risk estimation of your links.

Clusteric social API

Track social shares of your links in most popular social services.

CLUSTERIC visibility API

[BETA version] Instantly get access to organic search visibility estimation for links divided into keywords (with rankings in monitored countries and searches/visits estimation), topics and subtopics.


[ALPHA version] Get instant access to your competitior’s backlinks. Identify their keys to success by making use of BL API, visibility API and onsite/off-site factors.

Audit disavow file

Already have a disavow file? Audit it’s quality using Search Auditor and correct possible mistakes.

45 diagrams

Get better overall understanding of your project thanks to different types of reports. Easily compare your current link profile with desired link profile after disavow report.

External APIs

Download data from Moz, Ahrefs, Majestic and other well known services.

Lightning speed

Taking advantage of Clusteric params cache, scaling up to 100 onsite and 100 off-site threads (limited only by your resources), get your data as quickly as possible.


Lots of features just one click away – to make your work fly!

Unique technology

Search Auditor comes as a hybrid: desktop application using Clusteric server API. This makes it available at fair price while still taking advantage of loads of data gathered by Clusteric.