Search Auditor uses CLUSTERIC PREMIUM API to provide you with almost 30 additional parameters – to make your analysis deeper than ever and to save your resources – using CLUSTERIC parameters cache.

CLUSTERIC PREMIUM data API consists of the following components:

Social shares API.

Track social share counts for your links using Clusteric Social API. Use them to evaluate links quality or monitor social activity in most popular platforms, such as: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest, StumbleUpon.

SPAM detection API.

Clusteric provides Artificial Intelligence powered spam evaluation algorithms based on the onsite and off-site metrics together with traffic estimation and competition data.


Instantly get access to organic search visibility estimation for links divided into keywords (with rankings in monitored countries and searches/visits estimation), topics and subtopics.

[ALPHA] Backlinks’ API.

Get instant access to your competitior’s backlinks. Identify their keys to success by making use of BL API, visibility API and onsite/off-site factors. This feature is in alpha version and will grow in the future.

Clusteric params cache.

Clusteric caches (and updates) hundres of millions of domain params. They are available for you to make your analysis faster than ever and to reduce your resources consumption (proxies, bandwidth, CPU).

Domain link profile metrics.

Clusteric returns two factors: Domain profile strenght (total “power” of domains’ link profile) and Domain profile risk (what is the probability of domains’ link profile being unnatural?)

BH spam lists database.

Check if linking domains appeared on black-hat spam lists (and when).

Hosting & WHOIS information.

Clusteric provides hosting owner data, which can be used for Public Blog Networks and other link networks detection.

Analytics IDs database.

Clusteric finds other domains with the same Google Analytics ID and uses the data for spam evaluation (detecting domain groups).

At the moment, Clusteric API access is available through Clusteric Search Auditor.